BA (Hons) Fine Art Technology

Studying on BA (Hons) Fine Art Technology you will be at the forefront of future-focused exploration experimenting and developing emerging technology such as AR/VR (XR), AI, and digital fabrication in the context of a fine art studio culture and technology. For instance, going back to the discovery of clear glass which was created by artists then appropriated by science and engineers to make the early instruments of chemistry, art plays its role in shaping the world around us. As an advanced society it’s important we explore and experiment with all technology.


Year 1

  • Contextual Studies 1 (Core)
    Practice 1 (Core)
  • Experimentation and Application 1A (Core)
  • Experimentation and Application 1B (Core)
  • Research into Practice 1 (Core)
  • Professional Life 1 (Mental Wealth) (Core)

Year 2

  • Contextual Studies 2 (Core)
  • Practice 2 (Core)
  • Advanced Experimentation and Applications (Core)
  • Advanced Practice (Core)
  • Research into Practice 2 (Core)
  • Professional Life 2 (Mental Wealth) (Core)

This course offers the opportunity of year-long placement between years two and three. If you choose to take this option, you’ll spend your third year on a placement with a relevant company or organization, adding valuable practical experience to your growing academic knowledge. The extra placement year means it will take four years to complete your studies, instead of three.

Year 3

  • Practice 3 (Core)
  • Research into Practice 3 –Extended Research Project (Core)
  • Research into Practice 3 – Art & Design 4.0 (Core)
  • Independent Major Project Part A (Core)
  • Independent Major Project Part B (Core)
  • Professional Life 3 (Mental Wealth) (Core)


Studying fine art technology sets you up with the skills needed for a career in a variety of industries; art and technology, arts, design interaction, publishing, film and TV, teaching, and more. Our staff teaching on the course all have national and international art practice outside of their teaching that they will draw from. Our staff is at the forefront of developing mixed reality (MR) applications and research into robot-human interaction, VR, interactive narrative, 360-degree video, volumetric video, and photography. We have in our lecturing team experienced UX researchers and developers whose areas of expertise involve developing MR applications on platforms ranging from the HTC Vive, Hololens, Magic Leap, Oculus, Kinect, iOS, Android, ARKit, and more.

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